Uncensored scene (PC version)

James got a letter. From a dead person. Oh dear.

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Uncensored scene (PC version)

Post by Jedahaw »

I was looking around for any topics about this, but i couldn't find any.
I don't know whether you guys knew about it, but...


This is the video that Konami originally wanted it to be.
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Post by nobody »

ouch, i'm glad they made up their mind and changed the video. i like it better with more distorted overlays and especially without Mary's screams...

on the other hand i may have recognised that James killed Mary on my first play, which i didn't back then with the used video -.-
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Post by tetora »

i'll forget what i saw and stick to the censored one...
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Post by Droo »

I actually find the silent version of the murder more disturbing.
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Post by AnastasisXD »

i liked it ^^
i am such a psycho :)
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Post by Puppet_Doctor »

The first time I played and watched the video I didn't even notice what James was doing to Mary.

I prefer it though without the screams as they kind of ruin the moment to me. I think that the silence helps make the scene give more emotional impact.
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Post by Travis »

I think it would have been better this way. Well, maybe with fewer screams...
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Post by angelofROOM302 »

Yeah, I've seen this forever ago.
I like this one more, without the screams. It like kind of lets you know what he is doing more than like the first time I saw it, he looked heartless, and I didn't really know what he was doing to her without seeing it over again and I don't remember the little kiss on the forehead. They should have used this version.
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Post by Mephisto »

That's pretty fucked up! But not that disturbing, by the way I think the censored version is better. I mean, it's more questionable, the first time that I saw the censored version when playing I didn't knew what James was doing, I tought he was raping Mary or something like that...

>I don't remember the little kiss on the forehead.
In the censored version James kiss Mary. Konami got away only the screams, but it's the same cut scene ;)
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Post by tetora »

i thought he was raping Mary too at first... :shock:

i think the one with the screams's much more disturbing than the one without. in the censored one, i thought Mary just let James suffocate her; i thought she understand. But this shows that Mary didnt want to die and that she struggled to free herself from James...
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Post by eht_dimaryp-daeh »

not too disturbing, shoulda used it in my opinion. Like some of you said...I had no idea what was going on my first playthrough, with this version there would be no doubt.

Post by Jedahaw »

when i watched this, for me, it wasn't disturbing, but more of a heart-wrenching feeling.
It's very tragic, dood. :cry:
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Post by Alessandro »

I like it. it sounds more genuine
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Post by Kyou »

Anyhow, someone ripped off the sound from the PC version SH2 disc along with recording the video from the game combining them into the clip we have just seen.

Good job.
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Post by Jonipoon »

People like the censored version better because they are used to it.

I do agree, though. Minamalism for the win.
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Post by Whitney »

I liked the original better since it's "creepier" without the sound
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Post by the midnight rasta »

mhmm... thats pretty weird/fucked up/ hot all rolled into one. i think the original is better though cuz im used to it and well the lack of sound and everything just made it more disturbing and unique. i mean who the fuck records shit like that and doesent add sound lol. its just weird.
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Post by Businessman »

Ohh!! This video is so disturbing!
I... I'll try to forget about it and watch the cencored version.
It's.... calmer and better.

*having nightmares today*
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Post by BrookhavenMaleNurse »

That's waaay creepier with the screams.

They should've used this version; because I didn't even understand what James was doing to Mary the first time I ever played. Maybe with less screaming though. :?
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Post by kamui3 »

It was a good video. I think they should have gone with this version.
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