Suddenly unable to skip ending + credits on PCSX2?

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Suddenly unable to skip ending + credits on PCSX2?

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Sorry if this has been brought up, which it probably has; I cannot be the only one who experienced this. I searched and searched and found nothing.

I play Silent Hill 4: The Room PAL version on PCSX2 1.4.0 emulator, I was always able to skip the ending and credits but now I cannot anymore. I can skip all other cutscenes in the game. I started using "New Game" recently so I figured it might be because you cannot skip the ending and credits on your first playthrough, so I tried loading up a save but I could not skip there either.
It never occured to me, until I typed this message that maybe the emulator is the problem, but I highly doubt that; there has been no updates or changes whatsoever in my configurations, it just seemed to happen since I started using the "New Game" button

Any help or ideas?
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