Lack of music?

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Lack of music?

Post by Lola_Vitriol »

Finally got hold of this game and started playing this weekend at my boyfriend's (he has a PS2). I haven't finished it yet but I have noticed you don't hear a lot of Akira Yamaoka's music throughout the game, and when you do, it's just small snippets. It's a damn shame too because the SH4 soundtrack is really lovely and ethereal sounding, and I've always thought found Akira's music to be an integral part of the series. Anybody else noticed this?
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Re: Lack of music?

Post by Tabris »

I always found for the most part, SH4's ambience and music is much more subtle in the background.

It bugged me at the time since I was so used to the intensity of the first three games. Not to mention the major 9 minute trailer was a soundgasm of holy fuck I want this in my ears.

Over the years I grew to appreciate the subtle aspect though. But it definitely was disappointing to me at first.
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Re: Lack of music?

Post by Don, Aman »

It's especially strange, since Yamaoka actually produced SH4 and was working on it as a separate game before it was going to be a SH title. Being involved that closely, you'd think he'd want his music to be front and center. What we did get was excellent as usual, though.

Also, my 200th post! My OCD is doing backflips of joy right now.
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