How do you fight...? SH4 PC

Henry's locked in his apartment and can't get out. Bless.

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How do you fight...? SH4 PC

Post by SilentDreams769 »

Okay, I am an avid lover of Silent Hill games. Have been for years. I just recently got copies of SH2, 3 and 4 for the PC and have been playing them on my new laptop. The only problem is, on 4 I cannot for the life of me figure out how to attack. I've looked at the control options and button configurations and it says B is to ready your weapon. So those dogs come out of the bathroom the first time in the subway world, I hit B and move around ready to swing... and Henry starts... walking... w...t...f...?

It says to hit either T or Y to bring up your items (can't remember which) and I blatently see the steel pipe in my inventory, but Henry just can't wield it and use it.
So... am I missing something?? Is there a certain way I'm supposed to be hitting B to use my weapon? There's no status or inventory screen like the other SH's so it's not like you can just equip it. Someone please help!!
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Post by Sake »

You can just equip it. Just highlight the Steel Pipe and you should be able to equip it by pressing a certain key. Also, B is just to prepare the weapon you're holding to be swung, not to actually swing the weapon. You should try to just hold B and press each key to see which one is used to swing once you equip a weapon.
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Post by mattseffect »

I use a 360 wired controller hooked up to my PC via USB and I just map out the controls I like in the options before I start.
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Post by tetora »

lol in here :mrgreen:

playing SH4 in a laptop's crappy! all the keyboard keys are whack; you'll only strain your fingers attacking the monsters :P

i suggest using a mouse. rclick's for the "prepare weapon", wheel's for item scrolling and wheel-clicks for using the item, lclick's for "action"
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Re: How do you fight...? SH4 PC

Post by LexBerio »

This problem happens in many laptops, there's no way yo prepare your weapon ( "B" button or right click) because your keyboard is mistaking the b button with another action.
The only way to fix it is to configure again all of the control actions and buttons, or also using a regular pc keyboard or a psp or 360 controler. (or getting a new pc).
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