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This is my 2nd playthrough, I dont have my stats from the first >_>

  • Total enemies killed using melee weapons: 175
    Total enemies killed using firearms: 19
    Total enemies killed using fists: 75
    Total items collected: 376
    Number of map views: 780
    Number of times saved: 36
    Distance walked: 24.24km
    Total game time: 5:19:07
    Total flashlight use time: 1:50:57
    Number of game completions: 2
    % of enemies killed with melee weapons: 65
    % of enemies killed with firearms: 7
    % of enemies killed with fists: 28

    Butcher accolade achieved!
    Stalker accolade achieved!
    Collector accolade achieved!
    Explorer accolade achieved!
    Fireman accolade achieved!
    Codebreaker accolade achieved!
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Can't be bothered to show off other than the fact that I've finished this game about six times.
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