Representatives of the Denouement (Spoilt)

James got a letter. From a dead person. Oh dear.

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KRYSTA-GG- wrote:i heard one of game developers asked what game ending is real one , he replied : UFO ! but I suppose he was j/k :mrgreen:
LMAO UFO ending i think developers acts like eddie lol lol lol :D
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None of the endings are canonical, and none of them are specifically labeled "Good" or "Bad".

That's an excellent assessment, one that makes a lot of sense. Personally, I labal the endings by who they lead to rather than who they're associated with. It allows me to call the Maria ending the Path of Maria.

Leave leads to Laura - James leaves town with her
In Water leads to Angela - James follows her in suicide
Maria leads to Maria - James chooses her over reality
Rebirth leads to Mary - James attempts to resurrect her.

For more information: ... 4&start=60
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