How did James get the letter in the first place?

James got a letter. From a dead person. Oh dear.

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>I wouldn't think the pocket flashlight would be very heavy, either.
Evidently it is.
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Yes delusions. James went crazy. Notice how he's drawn by a dead woman into Silent Hill.

I'm wondering about the whole Laura character/letter quandry. I'm not sure enought to put a finger on that subject...but> Could the characters Angela and Eddie represent the horrible sides of Mary and James that led them into the collusion? (Marys suicidal, insecure and wrathful mind. James' irked feelings about mary due to her irritability) Also does Laura sort of come off as the key to all the answers> (James' mind groping for information). I guess that's my new theory (after reading through this thread) that still leads to me guessing there was only one letter from the beginning. I'm also wondering if the mary scenes in the house were metaphors of James killing the guilt of mary in his mind. :|
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Pretty sure that Laura, Angela, and Eddie have all been verified as real people by the devs, with Maria, PH, the monsters, and nightmare Mary as manifestations of James's mind, but otherwise your idea would have been an interesting one. :P
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As a side note I found it kind of funny that on Sanders St. there is a
store with a huge sign advertising Magical Envelopes. Anybody else make this

Contains the magical disappearing letters, or words therein.
"No more soul to sell, 31 years and on my way to Hell".
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