IGN Names Silent Hill 2 As One Of The Best PS2 Games Ever

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Re: IGN Names Silent Hill 2 As One Of The Best PS2 Games Eve

Post by Julius »

Patman wrote:I' m not sure that Vaan' s better ! ^^'
Auron and Balthier rock ! I liked both OST. Although XII wasn' t Sakimoto' s best work it gave a nice Ivalice feeling.
I never considered Vaan the main character of that game, but he's better than Tidus if only because he didn't share the same voice actor that played Tidus. Vaan is far less annoying anyway. :) And, Sakimoto's music was good, but X's soundtrack will always be far better to me.
Auron is a badass though.
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Re: IGN Names Silent Hill 2 As One Of The Best PS2 Games Eve

Post by Typographenia »

Speaking of SH2 in rankings...


We're against Vice City, and we're losing by a pretty large margin. Might as well try and support the team, right?
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Re: IGN Names Silent Hill 2 As One Of The Best PS2 Games Eve

Post by Apatheria »

Hah, Silent Hill games always lose out in gamefaqs polls. It's a useful website, but I generally don't regard the opinions of the community too highly.

I'm glad Silent Hill 2 got props, even if it should've been higher up on the list.
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Re: IGN Names Silent Hill 2 As One Of The Best PS2 Games Eve

Post by Mephisto »

Yeah. . . Look who SH2 went against: Vice City. It was in everyone's face that GTA was going to win. A shame, really.
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Re: IGN Names Silent Hill 2 As One Of The Best PS2 Games Eve

Post by Doctor Eggnog »

Wow, this is hard, I've wanted to reply to like half the posts on this thread.

Well anyway, I'm happy that Silent Hill 2 is on the list. I would have put it higher but of course I'm a fan of the series. Silent Hill 2 is actually my favorite game ever, followed by Silent Hill 1. In a way though, I do think it's a bit sad that Silent Hill 3 isn't somewhere on the list, especially since IGN seemed to like it as well or better than SH2, guess it's all just a damn popularity contest. In a way SH2 feels like the Final Fantasy VII of the Silent Hill world, though not as extreme. (Makes me wonder which FF games all the other SH games would be, I would say SH1 is FFIV)

Anyway, I personally like FFX better than FFXII. Though some of the voice acting was annoying, a lot of focus was put on the story and it definently sucked me in more than XII, I also find it the sereis' most replayable game, and I kinda like Tidus (I played the game right after VII and VIII so he was a welcome change of pace from Cloud and Squall). The main thing that FFXII did better was towns and NPCs. I like the music of both games. XII's was very fitting.

I think that "fun factor" and enjoyment are two different things. Silent Hill 2 doesn't seem all that fun. However, the game has a great story. It depresses me a lot, but I like that.
I've played about 20 minutes of Halo my whole life, sitting around playing with a few friends. It was fun, but if I never play it again I won't be sad, it left absolutely no impact on me whatsoever.
I think that the true enjoyment level of anything multiplayer depends on who you play it with. I love what I played with Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but mainly because I was playing it with my best friends and we were having a good time together, so it became memorable.

Shadow of the Colussus is a neat, non-shallow pick for #1. Personally I thought it was a great game, but not a great game for me. I sold it and I hope someone bought it and absoultely fell in love with it.

I've never owned any beanie babies, but honestly now I'm much girlier than I was when I was little and I kinda want some. I saw some with a claw machine once and started putting some coins in, but then I realized it was broken. There was such an adorable little tiger in there.

I guess I really should give Kingdom Hearts another shot. I've become much more open-minded towards RPGs in general since I last played it. A couple years ago, I wouldn't have been able to play Pokemon, but here I am having a blast. And I kinda like Action RPGs (woo! crisis core!)

My top 10 ps2 games:
1. Silent Hill 2
2. Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando
3. Ratchet and Clank
4. Persona 3 FES
5. Final Fantasy X
6. Dragon Quest VIII
7. Gran Turismo 3
8. Spider-Man 2
9. Resident Evil 4
10. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

So in short, Silent Hill 2 is awesome.
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