Mary stayed at Brookhaven Hospital, but not St. Jerome's

James got a letter. From a dead person. Oh dear.

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Mary stayed at Brookhaven Hospital, but not St. Jerome's

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In my considered opinion, it's definitely possible that Mary was at Brookhaven Hospital. My theory is as follows: Mary asked for some time in Silent Hill and this was granted. However, when the town's two hospitals were invesigated, it was discovered that neither of them had a hospice attached, so it was decided to send her to Brookhaven with a couple of specialist cancer nurses.
You may ask why Brookhaven and not Alchemilla? Well, being a psychiatric hospital, Brookhaven would be more highly staffed, which is important for end-stage cancer patients, and specialist doctors and nurses have to complete their general training before they're allowed to specialise, so they wouldn't have any less training in physical health than their counterparts at Alchemilla.
Now, to St. Jerome's. A lot of people are saying that Mary was treated there based on the fact that Laura mentions a nurse called Rachel, and so does a memo you can read in SH4, but come on. Are you really telling me that there's only one nurse in the whole world with that name? No. Instead, I reckon Team Silent slipped that name in the memo as nothing more than a nod to the second game since they used elements from it to create the fourth. It's far more likely that Mary was treated elsewhere, so I'm going to go with Idaho.
So, now we're in Idaho. Why here? Simply because James had killed Mary three days before his arrival and I don't think that even a dissociative mind can ignore the smell of a rotting body for three days. It's far more likely that James killed Mary one day, and while still in his dissociative state, raised the flag on his mailbox to prepare for the receipt of the non-existent letter. The next day, he loaded Mary's body on the floor in front of the back seat of his car and covered it with a blanket, then set off from his home in Idaho Falls, home to the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, which I know has an oncology department where Mary was most likely treated for what I believe was aggressive lung cancer that metastasised to her brain. This would explain both her coughing and her mood swings.
Another thing that makes Idaho Falls a likely place for Mary and James to have had a house is that it's one day and fourteen hours by car from Rangeley Lake in Maine, the most likely real life location for the game version of Silent Hill. Add in breaks to eat and sleep, and it's just about two days' travel.
As for how Laura would have got from Idaho to Maine; well, she took a ride with Eddie, didn't she?
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Re: Mary stayed at Brookhaven Hospital, but not St. Jerome's

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Nurse Rachel in SILENT HILL 4: THE ROOM is officially the same nurse as Mary's.
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Re: Mary stayed at Brookhaven Hospital, but not St. Jerome's

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Thanks Adversary.

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