MGS Reference?

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Mr. Domino
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MGS Reference?

Post by Mr. Domino »

Apologize if this has been found before (searched and didn't find anything), but I found a neat little reference to the Metal Gear Solid series (at least a potential one) inside the Lakeview Hotel, in the room that's grey on the map, just to the west of the Cafe Toluca. At the end on the hallway if you examine the area that you can't see, James says "A cardboard box. There's nothing inside."

This would be a nice little connector since SH1 was advertised in the first MGS game.
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Post by LuciaInFurs »

I haven't played MGS, could you explain the reference, please? This sounds quite curious.
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Post by Mephisto »

^ Snake (the protagonist from the MGS series) used to sneak past the enemies using a cardboard box.
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Bishop Sasarai
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Post by Bishop Sasarai »

I doubt it. It's probably just one of those "Nothing unusual" sorts of messages that games have been using for years.
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The Adversary
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Post by The Adversary »

If James commented, "There's noone inside," then sure. He doesn't, though.
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Post by Mr.FLOOT »

Or maybe if he said "It's just a box" it could pass for one....the closest thing to an MGS reference is in SH3 where you find the silencer for the pistol.
Violent Corpse
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Post by Violent Corpse »

Don't think so..
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Post by Loveless_Dogg » IS a Konami game......but who knows?.. :mrgreen:
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Re: MGS Reference?

Post by everfield »

Konami does have a long history of referencing there games. For example: DDR on yu gi oh, silent hill songs in DDR, yu hi oh cards based on MGS, Pyramid head and solid snake in a track and field konami. So its sort of possible for that to be a reference
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Re: MGS Reference?

Post by Uyrikeustek »

Wow, I've played SH2 several times and knew about MGS, but I never thought about that before. Sure, it's probably just a coincidence, but you never know. But yeah, Konami does have a habit of doing those kinds of things. Good catch, though.
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