under the mask

James got a letter. From a dead person. Oh dear.

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under the mask

Post by silenthillking »

over the years i,ve see the question [what is under pyrimid heads helmet] the pyrimid is the head there is nothing under it both in story and if you cam hack him. when you first see him you hear the baby cry because he has just been made from james subconscious mind to act as a punisher.the pyrimid is an extension of james need to be punished to that extreme he even whats his punisher to suffer
the great knife and spear (its a guess but i think) they both symboles a penis (don,t judge me)as for the boots gloves butchers butchers apron and the think at the back of his head i,am clueless

ow the two near the end symboles old and new blood
check out
to see pyramid heads original design
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Re: under the mask

Post by SilentWren »

I think he looks like a bloody, featureless bulb under there, lol.

I honestly don't know. I choose to believe that the bogeyman/pyramid head creature are ingrained in Silent Hill in-game popular culture as well, because his picture hangs in the Historical Society. I know in 2 he was very specific to James, but I jumped on the 'he's also an executioner archetype too!' bandwagon just because it's more fun.

Just my two cents.
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Post by MariaRising »

Here's a link to an entire thread about Pyramid Head, try Quicklinks or the Search function next time :) http://www.silenthillforum.com/viewtopi ... ads+helmet
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Re: under the mask

Post by Scarlet »

Yup. Please use MariaRising's link to discuss this.