Favourite OST Tracks

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Favourite OST Tracks

Post by Badass Cyborg »

I did a brief search but couldn't find a topic to match this one, so I apologise in advance if I've simply overlooked a duplicate/similar thread.

A simple request: please list one track from each OST that you consider to be your personal favourite. I would also appreciate it if only songs from the official soundtracks are listed, as game rips/CST tracks often have different titles and durations depending on who has extracted them, which causes unnecessary confusion.

Here are my selections:

SH1 - Over
SH2 - Forest
SH3 - Dance With Night Wind
SH4 - Melancholy Requiem
SH:O - Real Solution
SH:H - Living in Fear
SH:SM - Different Persons
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Post by sumcaker »

SH1 - Opening theme
SH2 - Theme of Laura
SH3 - You're not here
SH4 - Room of angel
SH:H - Soldiers Orders
SH:SM - Hell frozen rain

I'm a big fan of all the songs with lyrics.
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Mr. Domino
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Post by Mr. Domino »

SH1 - Tears of...
SH2 - Promise (Reprise)

Haven't played the others yet.
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Post by Number 7 »

Those are some interesting choices, Cyborg.

Some of mine are a tie.

SH1 - Tears of ... or Killing Time
SH2 - Promise (Reprise)
SH3 - A Stray Child
SH4 - Room of Angel or Nightmarish Waltz
SH0 - Hole in the Sky
SHH - Cold Blood
SHSM - Different Persons
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Post by Matador »

SH1 - Killing Time
SH2 - Overdose Delusion
SH3 - Breeze- in Monochrome Night
SH4 - Underground Dawn-Never Come
SH:0- Blow Back
SH:H - The Sacred Line
SH:SM - Acceptance
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Post by Yana »

SH1 - Not Tomorrow
SH2 - Promise [Reprise]
SH3 - I Want Love
SH4 - Room Of Angel
SH:0- I can't remember what it's called, but it's the one that plays at the start of the game!
SH:H -Not listened.
SH:SM - Not listened.
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Post by LSSJGamer »

SH1 - Only You
SH2 - Promise (This is my 2nd fav, couldn't find my fav)
SH3 - You're Not Here
SH4 - Room of Angel
SH0 - Monster Daddy

I haven't played the rest unfortunately.
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Post by Des573 »

Silent Hill Tears of...
Silent Hill 2 Theme of Laura
Silent Hill 3 Float up from Dream
Silent Hill 4: The Room Sunrise
Silent Hill Origins Raw Power
Silent Hill Homecoming One More Soul to the Call
Silent Hill Shattered Memories (Me no have the OST)
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Post by Walter8719 »

SH1 - Opening
SH1 - Not Tomorrow
SH2 - Promise
SH2 - Theme of Laura
SH3 - You're Not Here
SH3 - I Want Love(studio mix)
SH4 - Cradle of Forest
SH0 - Shot Down in Flames
SH0 - Snowblind
SH H - One More Soul to the Call
SH SM - Hell Frozen Rain
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Post by Dutchman »

SHSM - Always on my mind
SH1 - Opening
SH2 - Betrayal
SH3 - Homecoming
SH4 - Cradle of Forest
SHH - Sacred Line
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Post by Mace63 »

SH1 - Lisa's Theme
SH2 - The Darkness That Lurks in Our Mind
SH3 - Letter - From The Lost Days
SH4 - Tender Sugar
SHH - Cold Blood
SHSM - When You're Gone
SHO - Shot Down In Flames
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Post by Chaser123 »

I couldn't decide so I made two catergories:

With lyrics:
SH3-Every song (not kidding)
SH4-Room of Angel
SHH-One More Soul to the Call
SHO-Blow Back
SHSM-Hell Frozen Rain and Always on My Mind

Without lyrics:
SH1-Not Tomorrow
SH2-Theme of Laura
SH3-Every single song
SH4-Pulsating Ambience
SHH-Snow Flower
SHO-Theme of Sabre Dance
SHSM- Lives Wasted Away
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Post by simeonalo »

Silent Hill: Tears of...
Silent Hill 2: Forest (is waaay overlooked)!
Silent Hill 3: Dance with the Night Wind
Silent Hill 4: Cradle of Forest
Silent Hill H: One more Soul to the Call
Silent Hill SM (this one has a lot of great tracks): Acceptance, Creeping Distress, Ice
Silent Hill O: O.R.T.
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Post by warfare315 »

Favorite ost tracks:

SH1 - Tears of..
SH2 - Heaven's Night
SH3 - End of small sanctuary
SH4 - traversing the portals (is that what it's called?)
SH:H - the thing
SH:SM - Snow Driven.. or always on my mind
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Post by Vixx »

SH1 - Not Tomorrow
SH2 - Theme of Laura
SH3 - I Want Love
SH4 - Wounded Warsong / Your Rain (IMPOSSIBLE TO PICK ONE!)
SH:O - Shot Down in Flames
SH:H - One More Soul to the Call
SH:SM - When You're Gone

Fairly generic choices, but the theme songs are so tied up with the games - and cause such personal reactions for me - it's hard to deviate from them. :P

Favourite OST of all is SH4.

P.S. For those of you without the OSTs, don't forget you can hear snippets on the main http://silenthillheaven.com site. :)
V xx

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Csilent Ihill
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Post by Csilent Ihill »

SH - Hear Nothing; the oppressive isolation, the vulnerability, the tangible dread.
SH2 - Ordinary Vanity; so many flawless songs, yet this one brings something beyond special... loneliness and love wrapped up in fear and abandoness.
SH3 - Breeze - In Monochrome Night; the drums, the piano, the guitars... brings associations of a journey, a longing...
SH4 - The Last Mariachi; eerie, strange, inconsistent, impulsive, chaotic... a stranger of some unknown origin and place is playing, and that uncertainty unsettles me. Also reminds me of THE STAND, where someone's playing on some endless corn field, and it gives me the creeps.
SH:H - The Terminal Song; so melancholic, so beautiful. It really captures the theme of the game perfectly.
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Post by RinoTheBouncer »

Silent Hill 0 : Hole In The Sky, O.R.T., Raw Power
Silent Hill 1 : Silent Hill
Silent Hill 2 : Promise, Pianissmo Epilogue, Prisonic Fairytale, The Day Of The Night, Theme Of Laura (Reprise)
Silent Hill 3 : I Want Love, I Want Love (Studio Mix)
Silent Hill 4 : Room Of Angel, Cradle Of Forest, Your Rain
Silent Hill 5 : Cold Blood, Elle Theme, Soldier's Orders (Alex Theme), One More Soul To The Call
Silent Hill - Shattered Memories : Childish Thoughts, Creeping Distress, When You're Gone, Always On My Mind
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Post by redtemptress »

SH - Opening Theme
SH2 - Theme Of Laura
SH3 - You're Not Here
SH4 - Tender Sugar
SH0 - Blow Back
SH:SM - Different Persons

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Post by Renegade_Angel »

Mine would be...

SH0: Shot down in Flames
SH: Opening theme, I guess...
SH2: Music Box
SH3: I Want Love (Studio Mix)/You're not here
SH4: Tender Sugar
SH5: One more Soul/Alex's Theme
SHSM: Hell Frozen Rain/When you're Gone
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Post by Corva09_im »

SH1: Silent Hill
SH2: Love Psalm
SH3: Dance With Night Wind
SH4: Room Of Angel
SH0: Hole In The Sky
SH5: Witchcraft
SHSM: Acceptance
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