Funny moments.

Have you seen Harry's daughter anywhere? Short, dark hair?

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alone in the town wrote:Image
A Wonderful screenshot....
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What is realy funny is when you aim at the tentacle puzzle monster in the hospital. When you get close it freaks out trying to get you. Harry aims at it, but his whole body moves as fast and jerky as the monsters
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Kaufmann: Have you ever seen such aberrations?


They all talk so calm being around flesh eatin' monsters 'n all.
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Fredrick2003 wrote:I still think its funny... Hes legs are all like... messed up... No one looks like that...
Yes I found that really strange when I first started the game. Has anyone noticed Harry's flared jeans too?
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The infamous phrase "have you seen my daughter, short, black hair" any time Harry met someone.
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JCdei wrote:The infamous phrase "have you seen my daughter, short, black hair" any time Harry met someone.
It turns funnier when Harry says that to James. Estaba traumado o algo asi.
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Milfy wrote:
Jo269976 wrote:The orgasmic moans of the nurses when they die :shock:

OMG yes!! :lol:

Also the Rompers when they pin you down. They are horny little fuckers. :shock:
What about when Harry bitch slaps them to get them off?
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Xigz wrote:I know, sounds like my mom when I got my first BB gun. :roll:
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I find it hilarious when Harry wakes up gasping and Lisa is right behind him. :lol: I nearly fall over laughing each and every time when I look at Harrys face when that happens. XD

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they look like bacon, yeah they do. that was hilarious. i think, THAT is the funniest thing about the game lol
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I always, without fail, laugh my ass off when the cat falls out of the locker. I usually stop when I'm on the verge of throwing up a lung. It's just so corny.
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HammeringInMyHead wrote:
JCdei wrote:The infamous phrase "have you seen my daughter, short, black hair" any time Harry met someone.
It turns funnier when Harry says that to James. Estaba traumado o algo asi.
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funny moments

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SH1 ending gag reel when dahlia lunges towards the screen making an attempt to kiss u can anyone say BLEH!!! :shock:
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Ahg I wanted to cry because its like, "ewwww nasty old cult leader tryin to get up on me.", or like your grandma makin' a pathetic attempt to get up on you bleh >.<. Oh and to the thing about the famous phrase "have you seen my daughter? short, black hair" wouldnt you think that he would be alittle more descriptive if he was looking for his daughter in some freaky monster infested town :lol: he makes it sound like hes just passing through like, "ohh i got time to spare, well shes quite the courageous little hooligan anyways. I'm sure she'll survive even if i do a few side quests"
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I cracked up whenever Harry fell off of porches. And the faces he makes when he wakes up gasping in the hospital and the cafe. I also loved Cheryl's freaky grin in the gag reel thing.
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Harry Mason is like the Chris Redfield of Silent Hill.

He's as equally tedious and unsure of everything.
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I thought the whole little Kaufmann drug-smuggling ring side quest thing was pretty funny. Like when you find the Aglophatis(sp?) in his garage and Harry just lets Kaufmann walk up and snatch it away, no questions asked. Who the fuck hides dope in a motorcycle, anyways?

Another pricless moment is when you first walk into Annie's bar and find Kaufmann and a Claw Finger sharing an..... intimate moment. That was good for a few chuckles.
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johnny_the_boy wrote:Another pricless moment is when you first walk into Annie's bar and find Kaufmann and a Claw Finger sharing an..... intimate moment. That was good for a few chuckles.
How about the way Harry shoots the claw finger off of Kaufmann? Why couldn't he run up and shoot it point-blank in the head instead of pulling that action-hero crap and taking the risk of hiting the guy he was trying to save? Also, it looks like his aim has DRASTICALLY improved by that point. :P

Also, I always get a kick out of Harry trying to climb the lighthouse stairs. He looks like a goofball with those 3D controls.
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I'm gonna have to go with when the cat jumps out of the locker and then it runs off and gets killed 5 seconds later. XD I couldn't help but laugh at the weird sound it made.
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johnny_the_boy wrote:Who the fuck hides dope in a motorcycle, anyways?
You ever see the movie Easy Rider?
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