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Author:  Knick Knack [ 15 Jan 2007 ]
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Since a good number of people here want to see Cybil as a playable character, here's an idea for you. Why don't you take the events of the Play Novel and use those ideas for new scenarios? That way, we can play as Cybil and see exactly what she was supposed to see, and, if you get far enough, we could finally learn more about that mysterious Andy kid. :wink:

Author:  Tom133t [ 16 Jan 2007 ]
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First, let's let him focus on actually cracking the game first, hmmmmm?
I hate to be a dream-nazi, but there's no way he can build on this.
I reccomend a release of his tools via an FTP server. From there, he can write some instructions and notes as to thier use, and we can all pitch in by dividing the work into teams of people.

Author:  Krysta [ 16 Jan 2007 ]
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Basicly he needs to rebuild whole game. I'm sceptic about this mod since the begining, it takes to be hella programmer to be able achieve something here. You really would need a team indeed

Author:  sh_cityzen [ 17 Jan 2007 ]
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in sense of bits and bytes, it is not THAT hard actually. Team you say?

Ok if team, then it is team, first task would be extracting all files from SILENT and HILL file.... my own program wich I am changing everyday doesn't show me jack shit, it can recognize only some tim's but thattts not good enough yet....

Author:  just a dead boy [ 24 Jan 2007 ]
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The mod sounds very cool!
I hope it will see daylight once.
It would be very cool if cybil will be a playable character.

Author:  Lusren [ 04 Feb 2007 ]
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So how is this going? Im having great faith on you, cityzen. I hope you cpuld pull it off.

Author:  sh_cityzen [ 17 Jun 2007 ]
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... in dark i hear a sound from distance... this sound is moving... i hear it over and over again... could this mean... that something bad is coming... Dark..... and dark..... fog and fog.... but nobody to see... what a hell is going on....

Author:  Krysta [ 19 Jun 2007 ]
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hopefully you didn't lost it while working hard on this mod. Take care m8 8)

Author:  sh_cityzen [ 20 Jun 2007 ]
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lmao. no didn't lost it. just creating atmosphere.... new things are coming...

Author:  Berra87 [ 24 Jun 2007 ]
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So if I've gotten this right, you're going to create a new Silent Hill game? In that case, that's really cool! I wish you a lot of luck with this project. :D and if you'd like; give me a quick presentation of the project (what'll it include). I'm just too lazy to read through all these posts to find out :wink:

Author:  PapillonRose [ 30 Jun 2007 ]
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This sounds really interesting! I like the idea of playing the first silent hill with these mods. I like the idea of being able to play as Cybil (since she was supposed to be playable originally) .

Author:  The Visionist [ 30 Jun 2007 ]
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I would not mind seeing a bigger version of the amusement park similar to SH3.

Author:  Rastek [ 02 Jul 2007 ]
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I love this idea, and I'd love to help. But my programer skills are nonexistant and as far as graphics are concerned I'm only good with 2D. I'd love to see this project compleated.

Author:  Krysta [ 08 Jul 2007 ]
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Silent Hill PC version is out for some time, I've tested it and it works great! You have even graphic options inside, like res, details etc so I think this one would be great reference to start some hardcore modding. Check it out Shcitizen or PM me if you need info how to get it

Author:  Anonymous [ 25 Jul 2007 ]
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Sweet :D , can i get a copy? Make Cybil playable too.

Author:  Tom133t [ 02 Aug 2007 ]
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Bump, because this porject shouldn't be forgotten.

Keep in mind guys, he can't build the tools we need if he keeps worrying about your plot ideas. Like I said, the software to do this needs to be completed first. We can split into little Dev teams after that point.

Any updates, sh_cityzen?

Author:  sh_cityzen [ 16 Aug 2007 ]
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This SH for pc is nothing but SH ISO + epsxe (psx emulator) and little prog helps to install it and you can play not worring how to configure psx emu. So this is nothing new...


Yes and no. No for anything new as graphical (wich is lie, won't spoil)
Yes for progs itself...

One thing I want to say about SH. On playstation, SH uses very well psx power...incredible.[/spoiler]

Author:  Jim beam was yo dADDY [ 04 Sep 2007 ]
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This is a great idea. it be cool to make a ultra hard mode of the game, like two lizard bosses at once. i Hope this project succeds. It be really cool if they made a user freindl moding program like the elder scrolls construction set ( i got like 1200 + hours playing my own warped out versuions of morrowind.

Author:  Goose [ 06 Sep 2007 ]
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How to say it... HOLY SHIT!!! Okay, heres my grand idea... Frogger as a playable character!!! I know it'd be hard, but it would KICK ASS! Also, Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy!!! I'm gonna stop before I hurt myself, but you certaintly have a GREAT thing going on. YOU CAN DO IT!!! Good luck buddy!

EDIT: Scorpion from MK too!

Author:  batmanhill6157 [ 09 Sep 2007 ]
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Add another SH fan to your own little cheering section. Good luck bro

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